Robert L. Lynn, Poet





Robert L. Lynn took up writing poetry when, as a new college president, he discerned that students of that generation disliked speeches but loved verse. Four hundred poems and numerous poetry awards later he recognized that his creative bursts and best poetry came in the middle of the night, thus this collection’s title, Midnight Verse. He denies that the fifty-five poems herein are generally dark and somber. Rather they have been inspired by people, scenes and events across a lifetime that pricked his mind and pen in the luster of his night sky. The Oklahoma native resides in Duluth , Georgia with his wife, Bonnie. He has written or edited ten books, including his first book of poetry, Service Yields Its Own Rewards. He edited for three years The Reach of Song, poetry anthology of the Georgia Poetry Society. He is also a member of statewide poetry societies in Oklahoma , Georgia and Alabama .   He leads the Johns Creek, Georgia Poetry Group and presents his poetry twenty to thirty times a year across the Southeastern United States .