Robert L. Lynn, Poet



Poet Robert L. Lynn is available in many venues for reading of his poems and seminars on poetry writing.

For a decade he was a part of the Poetry in the Schools Program of the Georgia Poetry Society and read his verse in high schools, middle and elementary schools. In late 2010 he presented poems to 800 sixth graders at Hull Middle School in Gwinnett County, Georgia. In Thomasville, Georgia he read to all four fifth grade classes in Jerger Elementary. Thomasville, Georgia.

     Typically he reads from his book, Midnight Verse, and talks about the writing of poems. Teachers just starting a poetry unit, a curricular requirement in most schools, can introduce students to a practicing, published poet who communicates very well with youth. He also makes personally autographed copies of Midnight Verse available to students at a discount price.


     Lynn has read from his first book of poetry, Service Yields Its Own Rewards, at Rotary clubs in seven states. He is a past district governor (l993-94)  for North Louisiana in Rotary International. He is available to present a program of his service poetry in other civic clubs.

     Lynn may be reached at or 770-876-2904.




"Robert Lynn is an excellent presenter of his own work. His elocution is well polished and suits the craft and style of his poetry. Lynn is not one to bury his head in papers or the pages of his book. He delivers his poems to audiences of youth and adults in a way that expresses that he knows they are there. I recommend him."--Keith Badowski, co-founder and editor of Brick Road Poetry Press and current president of the Georgia Poetry Society


"Having a published poet like Robert L. Lynn visit my eighth grade classroom inspired both students and teachers. Students basked in sharing their work with him and listening to powerful readings of his original poems. Bringing a poet into the classroom provided my students with authentic real-world connections to poetry.”—Samara Frank, Moses Middle School, Dallas, GA


"Listening to Bob Lynn's wonderful poetry was a great day for me. He optimizes the impact of his poems with his delivery. He moves people with the honesty of his feelings and the pacing of presentation. His talent is special. I'm not sure that what he has as a poet is learnable; it's his exclusive domain."--Lou Jones, Greensboro, Georgia, Contest Chair, Georgia Poetry Society


"Demosthenes has nothing on Bob Lynn as an orator and a presenter of his poems, his delivery smooth as polished marble yet pouring out, flowing like a stream of purest water the well-crafted words of his poetry. A delight to watch and hear.---Ronald Self, Columbus, Georgia, past president, Georgia Poetry Society

The visit with Dr. Lynn motivated students in different ways. Having a successful author take the time to share the value of poetry in his own life inspired our students to give it a try. Through Dr. Lynn's beautiful poems, the students related to written poetry as a form of healing, fun, and adventure. As Dr. Lynn patiently listened to and offered advice on our students' newly drafted works, I as a teacher experienced an unforgettable educational moment. Thanks to Dr. Lynn and the Georgia Poetry Society for spending time, teaching a craft, and inspiring young writers. --Claire Donnelly, Teacher, Foundations for the Future Elementary School, Kennesaw, Georgia
"Dr. Lynn was a great source of inspiration in 'jump-starting' my students into poetry. He opened the door to a new world for young, impressionable, creative minds. Thank you, Dr. Lynn!"---Dawn Fletcher, teacher, Ft. Daniel Elementary, Gwinnett County, Georgia

"Dr. Lynn’s visit helped students to understand the power of poetry to give voice to thoughts and feelings. After listening to him read and discuss his poetry the fifth graders were able to express themselves more creatively in their personal poetry books. Several said they once considered poetry boring, but now thought it pure enjoyment. One student said he had a new hero, Poet Robert L.  Lynn”.—Lindajo Haythorn, teacher, Jerger Elementary, Thomasville, GA
"Our students loved hearing a published poet use figurative langauage which we had been studying in class. Dr. Lynn was an inspiration to our young writers.--Diane Collin, teacher, Ft. Daniel Elementary, Dacula, GA